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Swedish massage - 4.600 HUF / 20 min
Massage based on the basic grips of the Swedish massage. With its smoothing, rubbing, kneading and vibrating motions relaxes the muscles, promotes relaxation and reduces the negative effects of stress, such as the head, back and neck pain.

Refreshing sole-foot massage - 4.400 HUF / 20 min
The sole has a rich nerve supply, therefore it is eligible to the treatment of the whole body. On our two feet the mirror image of the whole body can be found. The foot massage improves metabolism, lymph and thereby mobilizes the body's own healing powers.

Back massage - 4.500 HUF / 20 min
The massage of the spinal muscles, shoulder and neck muscles with compressive grips resulting enervation which stimulate blood circulation and loosen the tired, laden muscles. It is recommended for those who do sitting work because of the offset of the back and waste pain resulting from the poor posture.

Antistress head-neck massage - 4.600 HUF / 20 min
Stress solving massage which relieves the muscle tension around the shoulder and neck. Really effective for those who would like to get rid of from the neck-and headaches associated with the stressful office sitting work.

Sport massage - 4.700 HUF / 20 min
The point of the massages before sport activities is to liberate the distended, adherent, stiff, spastic muscles, so they will be flexible, resistant and chargeable. The intense massage prepares the body for body exercises and results in a significant performance increase of the muscles and reduces the chances of injuries. The aim of the massage after sports activities is the regeneration and restoration of the proper muscle tone.

Aroma massage with essential oil - 5.100 HUF / 20 min
Essential oils play an important role in our lives. They influence our mood, feelings and arouse memories in us. The oily (aroma) massage is indicated for the physical, mental and spiritual regeneration and for well being repair.

Salt massage - 5.300 HUF / 30 min
During back massage the dead skin cells are removed with salty body scrub but the deeper epithelial tissues are detoxified as well, while the high trace element and mineral content of the salt works off. The massage movements help the absorption, stimulate blood circulation, improve cell metabolism and tallow function. During the treatment the immune system is strengthening, the skin becomes nice and hydrates.

Full body massage - 8.500 HUF / 40 min
The whole body massage - which includes the legs, waist, back, shoulder, arm, neck and head muscles - has a long-term effect on our health and general well-being. It improves blood circulation, relaxes muscles, is beneficial for digestion and blood supply, activates the lymphatic system, and it promotes the removal of waste products, reduces the effects of stress as well.


Yumeiho massage - 12.800 HUF / 50 min
The Yumeiho conceptual background of the so-called "weight control panel - shift theory" enter. The goal of treatment is to restore the symmetry of the body parts, sort of slips and restore the harmony of body processes. Acupuncture points stimulates the healing process of internal organs, relieves muscle spasms.

Traditional Thai massage - 11.600 HUF / 50 min
This massage originates from Bangkok and combines the elements of acupressure, yoga and reflexology. It effects not only on the muscles, but also on the energy-harmonizing lines and points. Its aim is to activate the energies of the body with rhythmic acupressure pressures. Due to its relaxing, stress and pain-reducing effect it is a positive well-being improving treatment.

Shiatsu massage - 12.800 HUF / 50 min
Massage from Japan, where the massage is done through the acupressure points along the meridian lines. The therapy consists of pressures, massage and stretching. It helps the self healing of the body. The treatment is done in clothes, on the ground on carpet.

Foot Reflexology Massage - 5.400 HUF / 30 min
Reflexology is the scientific technique of the human body, each part affecting the proper functioning of the reflex points of pressure on . Performed properly the massage sends
impulses to the body's various organs, glands and nerves. Aim: to restore the balance which is the condition of the healthy life.

Lymph massage - 7.300 HUF / 30 min
Activates the immune system and metabolic processes. Flushes the tissue edemas, reducing the pain of the concerned organs, improves blood circulation, and even the food and oxygen supply of the cells as well. With the help of the lymphatic circulation toxins empty quicklier.

Ayurveda massage - 12.800 HUF / 50 min

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