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Wellness treatments



Chocolate peeling - 5.000 HUF / 20 min
The peeling covers the removal of the dead skin cells and dirt and skin rejuvenation. The treatment fills the tissues with minerals, thereby strengthening the skin's barrier function. The chocolate peeling can be recommended for all skin types. Thanks to its purifying effect it removes the dead skin cells. Softens, moisturizes and refreshes the skin, delays the aging process effectively. The treatment is ideal for skin preparation for the chocolate massage.

Chocolate mask - 5.600 HUF / 20 min
The chocolate moisturizes, tones and nourishes the skin, herby it is aging delaying, due to its
dissolved mineral content it has softening, revitalizing effect. It is nervous system sedative, antidepressant, anti-anxiety. The skin becomes very silky, its beneficial impact affects on the general well-being.

Chocolate ritual - 15.400 HUF / 90 min
At the beginning of the ritual full body peeling is done which removes dead skin cells, then we do a full body massage with chocolate moisturizing creme, afterwards the treat ment is closed with a chocolate mask.

Slimming mask - 5.600 HUF / 30 min
Laminarin is used because of its mineral element and organic iodine content. The laminarin is used for slimming and revitalizing treatments. Its effect is due to the organic iodine, which contributes to the removal of waste products, and mineral salts. The immediate and long-term cold exposure improves venous circulation and relieves pain.

Firming pack - 5.600 HUF / 30 min
Firming, slimming, toxin diverting treatment. This product is primarily helps improving the not so much problematical skin firming of the body, nevertheless it is excellent in diverting of toxins.

Tired legs pack - 5.600 HUF / 30 min
The lamiplast is an alginate body mask which is used to the toning treatment of tired feet. The immediate and long-term exposure to cold sooths the tired feet. The mask contains the total mix of natural ingredients of Japanese magic walnut, horse chestnut and cypress which are all known from their vein toning impact.

Green tea gel pack - 5.600 HUF / 30 min
Due to its theophylline content the beneficial effect prevails in the removal of toxins and stimulating blood circulation. The catechins and polyphenols in it tie down the free radicals, the alkaloids impact as nerve stimulant, the caffeine helps burning fat. All of these make green tea an excellent antioxidant.


Detoxifying back massage with honey - 5.600 HUF / 20 min
The treatment done with special movements on the 'T line' of the back allocates natural active ingredients of honey into the skin, while effectively removes accumulated toxins in the connective tissue and excreta.

Face and décolleté massage - 5.200 HUF / 20 min
By the face massage the face, by the décolleté massage the muscles of the décolleté are toched, combined with face massage. Quiet relaxing music is played during treatment which helps the guests to the complete relaxation and recreation.

Lava stone massage - 7.700 HUF / 30 min
The lava stone massage ensures tranquility and complete relaxation, we can get with it in a dreamlike state. It improves blood circulation, reduces pain, relieves the stiffness, warms the body. It improves the lymphatic circulation thereby accelerates the metabolism and helps detoxification. Massage is a real physical, mental, spiritual experience,is excellent stress solving, fills up with life energy, harmonizes our body and soul.

Chocolate creme massage - 5.000 HUF / 20 min
The endorphin, caffeine, vitamins and minerals containing chocolate treatment has body forming, slimming effect. It reduces the unpleasant symptoms of cellulite, regenerates, moisturizes and softens the skin.


Jade stone massage bed - 1.300 HUF / 15 min
The jade stone is a semi-precious stone used in the Eastern medicine for centuries. As its frequency is roughly the same to the number of vibrations in the human body, it stimulates the life energies (chi) exceedingly. In addition, it has excellent thermodynamic properties, is able to hold and transfer heat for the body for a long time. During the massage the jade stones stop at the specific acupuncture points running along the spine, that dissolve the blocks weakening blocks in the body.

Sensory Massage Chair - 1.300 HUF / 15 min
The armchair runs with automatic program. if your whole body is tired and exhausted, we recommend the full body massage. In case of shoulder and neck pain the upper thoracic section massage is recommended. The entire massage program provide a concentrating massage for the upper part of the back. In case of waste pain the program for the complete waste surface is recommended. The bottom and leg program concentrates on the lower parts of the body. Since we are not the same, and our personal problems may differ, manual setting option is very important, you can customize the treatment to your needs.

Spinal decompressive machine - 1.150 HUF / 15 min
In case of chronic spinal complaints, it is very important to ease the wrong habituates causing pain, the muscle cramps creating poor posture with massage or passive exercises before physiotherapy. The muscle cramp dissolving effect of the passive spinal decompressive device is stress-relieving as well.

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