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Museum Collection in Hévíz

Visitors can get to know the 210-year-old past of Hévíz in a permanent exhibition in the local history gallery. They also can view the statue of Sr. dr. Károly Moll which was created for the memory of the doctors of Hévíz. Periodic exhibitions can also be seen in the museum.

Helikon Castle Museum - Festetics Castle (Keszthely)

The more than 250-year-old Festetics castle is one of the biggest baroque castles in Hungary. Nowadays it is a museum and conference center. Its permanent and periodic exhibitions are visited by 200.000 guests per year, its musical programs reach 100. In the rear-end of the castle is the carriage house and the fancy equerry where the Coach Museum can be found. In the new museum building next to the castle Hunting Museum and railway model exhibition can be seen.

Georgikon Croft Museum (Keszthely)

Count György Tolnay Festetics founded the first autonomous agrarian higher educational academy, the Georgikon in 1797 in Keszthely. Next to the educational building a croft centre with model farm was established which ensured the conditions of practical education and experimental farming until the existence of the educational academy (1848). The ceremonial opening of the Georgikon Croft Museum was on the 175. anniversary of its establishment, in 1972.

Museum of Torture (Keszthely)

In the Museum of Torture medieval methods of torture and execution are displayed in a lifelike form. Genres can be seen with the use of plastic puppets which are completed by descriptions and contemporary documents.

Bacchus Wine Museum (Keszthely)

The wine museum displays the 22 wine-districts of Hungary. More than 800 kind of wine and 1000 exhibited articles can be found in the museum. Most of the wines can be tasted and are for sale. The restaurant connected with the museum is a real rarity, its furnishing was made of 300-year-old wine cellars, presses and in addition we can take pleasure in the sight of carved barrels, too.

Balaton Museum (Keszthely)

The museum expects its visitors with permanent and periodic exhibitions. One of its permanent most famous exhibition, the Golden Gate escorts the history of the lake and its environment through 11 rooms. Its other exhibition, alluring for the children, the 'Aquarium of Balaton Fishes' displays the flora and fauna of the lake. The exhibition about the life of the rustic settlements and cottage farmlands in form of signed and carved stone monuments is on show, too.

Doll Museum (Keszthely)

Displaying the traditions of the folk art near to 500 ceramic and porcelain headed, handed and legged dolls are exhibited in national costume in artisan and civil environment. A Transylvanian collection consisting of 120 figures can be seen in a separate show case . On the 3rd floor we can view the houses, churches and buildings of the dolls seen before.

Historical Panopticon (Keszthely)

In the biggest Panopticon of Hungary around 40 striking resemble vax statues of Hungarian kings, monarchs, generals, poets and writers are exhibited. They displays the past in period dress and environment . The exhibition covers 1500 years from Attila until Miklós Horthy.

Snail Shells Parliament (Keszthely)

The Snail Shells Parliament was made by Ilona Miskei with the use of 4,5 million snails from the Pannonian Sea. She built the mock-up from 1975 in 14 years which is unique in the world. The 28-million-year old ancient sea remains arisen from different mines of Hungary were selected according to the ornaments of the Hungarian Parliament.

Pantheon of Keszthely

The Pantheon is located in the pedestrian street in The Goldmark Community Center. It was the Town Hall and was built in 1887 by György Festetics in early eclectic style. In the 1930s the Municipality moved to the Main Square. At its doorway memorial tablets of those famous persons can be found who were related a sort of to Keszthely. Among others Júlia Szendrey, Károly Goldmark, József Egry, Dávid Schwarz, Sándor Asbóth and János Batsányi.

Marzipan museum (Keszthely)

The first half of the museum is a confectionery with a homely atmosphere where we offer home maid light, creamy cakes and pastries. Coffee and ice cream specialities, marzipan desserts and figures are vendible in a wide assortment, too. Behind the confectionery is the Marzipan Museum where 100 master pieces made of marzipan can be found on 50 m2 in 20 show cases.

Nostalgia Museum, Collection of Sights and Kitsch Museum (Keszthely)

Everything interesting and spectacular can be found here without any defined genre. Objects are exhibited from the 1800s until the time of retro. Articles for personal use forgotten for today, ornaments vanished from our taste and the Kitsch Museum as a separate exhibition.

Vidor Toy Museum (Keszthely)

Saunter into the past into the world of our forgotten toys. Our dear memories greet us entering the museum, with the forgiving smile of forgotten relics and forsaken old good friends.


Visitors can view at the same place the old radios, turntables, gramophones, recorders and the oldest pieces of the domestic television manufacturing. The exhibition offering curiosities of the industrial history displays the masterpieces from the end of the 1930s.

Surber's Museum of Automatic Musical Instruments and Phonographs (Keszthely)

The visitors can discover the world of automatic musical instruments from the time, when there were no radios and record players.
In addition they can enjoy the sounds of musical boxes, player pianos, music watches and barrel organs while being in a unique authentic ambiance.

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