Hévíz and the spa

Hévíz is one of the most important curative-and tourist center of Transdanubia.

Heal and relax in Hévíz!

The city is located in the north-western tip of Lake Balaton, just 6 km from Keszthely. The town is one of the most famous spas in Hungary which also boasts with European reputation.

Many generations have worked to emerge the "hév-víz" belonging to the boundary of Keszthely from obscurity.

Hévíz and Lake Hévíz from a bird's eye view

Hévíz, the source of life!

The world's largest natural warm-spring lake can be found here that gives a truly unique experience for the visitors throughout the year: to take off the coat in winter and paddle in a swimsuit in the temptingly steaming thermal water, to float and swim in summer in the translucent lake surrounded by water lilies.

Spa in Hévíz

The turf-bottomed lake is the biggest thermal lake of the world, its area is 4,4 ha. Its fountain located in a funnel-like 37 m pit gives 86 million liters of water a day. Its temperature is 33-36 C in summer, it cools down on the big free surfaces only to 23-25 C.

The curative effect of the lake of Hévíz is unique in the world, thanks to its composition is capable of treatment of rheumatic locomotic and some gynecological diseases. Beyond the traditional cure methods, such as weight bath, mud pack and massage, several modern physical and balneotherapic processes, vital and wellness programs can be taken in advantage.

The medical treatment is not only good for rehabilitation but for prevention, relaxation and recreation.

Let's desire for a relaxing swim or even cure, the water of the lake refreshes both body and soul!

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