As an official spa and wellness hotel, our hotel has played an important role in the area of Hévíz cure for several decades.

The “Traditional Hévíz Healing Method” Thanks to the appropriate application of the knowledge acquired over the centuries, several hundred thousand people regained their health, so the “Traditional Hévíz Healing Method” became the trademark of the city of Hévíz. Our hotel awaits its guests with complex healing programs that begin with a medical examination: balneotherapy treatments that can be combined with other treatments. Our therapy department offers the following traditional hévíz treatments that are recommended for the diseases of the locomotive organs: The basic elements of the traditional hévíz healing method are the following: healing massage, electrotherapy, mud wrap, hydrotherapy, massage and the other healing treatments prescribed by the doctor. (Sulfur, Ritex, Fluor, PCP pack, galvanic bath, ultrasound, interference, TENS, Dyadinamic, magnetotherapy, inhalation, therapeutic gymnastics)
Before undergoing the cure, a medical examination is required in all cases which surveys the musculoskeletal complaints and the general condition of the body (heart and circulatory system, possible internal organ and chronic diseases, taking stock of certain post-operational conditions and ruling out any contraindications).

Our physician compiles a customized cure based on the results of the examination which is.


The indications of the cure cover a wide spectrum of musculoskeletal disorders. They can be used preferably in case of rheumatic musculoskeletal disorders, osteoporosis, arthrosis (degenerative) spinal or joint diseases, post treatment of injuries and musculoskeletal operations, as well as soft tissue rheumatism, secondary joint diseases, chronic, peripheral, complaints originating in nervous system-related mechanical reasons, pre-and post-treatment of joint operations, after disk operations, chronic gynecological diseases.


Cure is not recommended in case of infectious diseases, malign tumors, heart failure, circulatory disorders, thrombosis and other disorders of blood forming organs, asthma, high blood pressure and pregnancy.

Good to Know

  • The Hévíz cure has a full duration of 2-3 weeks.
  • Preliminary medical examination is required to take part in the Hévíz cure.
  • The results of the medical examination and the recommended treatments will be recorded on a treatment sheet after which the dispatcher prepares a precise schedule for the treatment.
  • Thermal Lake bathing sessions should last no longer than 30-40 minutes per occasion.
  • Thorough washing with soap is not recommended after bathing in thermal water as the various minerals are absorbed through the skin and take effect in this manner.
  • In all cases, a one to one-and-a-half hour-long rest period is recommended after bathing.

Medical services prices

  • Medical examination: 11 900 Ft
  • Control examination: 7 900 Ft
  • 7-day treatment course: 44 900 Ft - 6 treatments and 1 medical examination
  • Mini cure: 32 900 Ft - 4 treatments, 1 medical examination.
  • Medical cure: 64 900 Ft - 10 treatments, 1 medical examination.
  • 14-day treatment course: 74 900 Ft - 12 treatments, 1 medical examination and 1 control examination.
  • Medical massage: 6 300 Ft / 20 min - It is an ancient healing procedure. Its aim is to ease the painful body parts and to improve the blood circulation. It restores skin flexibility, removes cumulative toxins from the connective tissue and increases muscle capacity by stimulating its circulation.

Medical packs

Mud Pack - 6.000 Ft / 20 min
A special treatment of Hévíz. The peloid type mud obtained from the turf bed of the thermal lake of Hévíz (containing 80% inorganic and 20% organic substance) is used for healing. Its mineral composition, good heat retention capacity, radioactivity and other physical properties is great for post-treatment of chronic musculoskeletal (rheumatic) and certain gynecological diseases and injuries. Medical consultation is always necessary before.

Fluorine pack - 5.800 Ft / 20 min
Fluoride is an important component of bones, which must be replaced. In addition, the composition of this Hévíz specialty has a pleasant warming effect, during which the muscles relax and the joints become more mobile.

Sulfure pack - 5.800 Ft / 20 min
The sulfur is the component of the skin and its appendices. The joints need to take a lot to work properly. In addition, the components of the skin also require sulfur. Sulfur has a direct anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect on the area of the joints. In addition, it has a role in the buildup of the articular cartilage and in its regeneration. It is used as pack "worn out joints".

Ritex pack - 5.800 Ft / 20 min
The circulation intensifies in the deep tissues, a deep toasting, muscle relaxant effect can be achieved with it. At first, it is used in case of acute lumbagos, but other muscle spasms (crampy tension) as well.

PCP pack - 5.800 Ft / 20 min
It exerts its anti-inflammatory effect in the form of a pack when the joint is inflamed (acute). The camphor content of the preparation partially cools the inflamed part of the body, while also helping the active ingredients to penetrate deeper.


Galvanic bath / Hydrogalvan - 4.500 Ft / 10 min
The treatment is done with the combination of thermal water and galvanic power. It is also called as four-galvanic treatment, since it consists of four limb tubs. It can be successfully applied at greater part by previous residual nerve pains and inflammation residue areas, partially by degenerative lesions.

Ultrasound - 4.200 Ft / 10 min
A so called tissue micro massage created by mechanical vibrations, calcareous deposits, muscle tension can be managed with it with great efficiency.

Interference - 4.200 Ft / 10 min
With the help of four electrodes, through two power circuits, medium-frequency power is supplied to the body. 100 Hz frequency floating current formed by the intersection of the two circuits evolves its biological effect on the treated surface. It can be successfully applied for the treatment of joint sprains, muscle pains, degenerative joint and spine harm and by the paralyzed.

TENS treatment - 4.200 Ft / 10 min
TENS is an acronym of the English name of the treatment "Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation" (electrical nerve stimulation applied through skin). The aim of treatment is pain relief through the skin with the properly set up electrical impulses transmitted to the nerves. The TENS treatment is an excellent drug-free alternative for conditions of chronic pain such as waste pain or arthritis.

Dyadinamic - 4.200 Ft / 10 min

Magnet therapy - 4.000 Ft / 10 min
It can be used at degenerative lesions, muscle weakness and stiffness, post treatment of injuries. It is based on biological effects of pulsed electromagnetic field, this causes the increase of bone formation. Because it does not warm up the treated body part, is has an excellent effect in cases of areas with metal prosthesis implantation.

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