Dear Guests! We want to inform you that by the start of February 25th till February 27th, our guests unfortunately can't use our wellness (includes the pool, jakuzzi and the sauna). As we can see the saunas and steam cabin can open on the 26th of February. The whole wellness includes the pool and the jakuzzi also, will work on February 27th, but the temperature of the pool will rise the normal high at the afternoon. Thank you for your understanding!

Palace Beauty Bar

The Palace Hotel**** Beauty Bar in Hévíz awaits its guests in an elegant environment, with quality products, qualified professionals and a high level of services.


One of the most popular services at the Palace Beauty Bar is the hairdresser.

Thanks to the fast and accurate work of our professional hairdresser, you can finally leave us with the hair you have dreamed of. If you are not sure what hairstyle would look really good, we will help you choose the ideal style.

We use high-quality, professional L'Oréal Paris products in our hairdressing salon.

Hand and foot care


Our hands are constantly in mind, but the weather, housework, and everyday activities are visibly on their skin. With careful care, a little pampering and manicure, your hands will be velvety soft again, your nails will be strong, shapely and brilliantly beautiful.


  • strengthens natural nails
  • hands will be beautiful and well-groomed
  • your skin will be velvety soft
  • the shape and color of your nails can be adapted to your individuality
  • nails last up to 3-4 weeks
  • its appearance will be more aesthetic

Our experienced colleague works extremely precise, using excellent ingredients to care for your hands and create nails that match your ideas, which will remain beautiful for up to 3-4 weeks.


Aesthetic & Spa Pedicure

Good looks also include regular foot care. In summer, the legs in the sandals and slippers are more in mind, but in winter they should not be forgotten either. With regular pedicures, your feet will always be velvety soft, well-groomed, your nails will be shapely, healthy and beautiful.

Special pedicure

Have you ever wondered what an important task your feet do day in and day out? Our feet carry our whole body for approx. 130-200 square centimeters. This is a huge load. Plus, he often puts it in shoes that don’t make him feel good at all. If our feet could talk ...! But he can't. On the other hand, it signals with nonverbal signs: calluses, corns, ngrown nails, dry cracked corners.

If you are familiar with any of these symptoms, IT IS TIME TO VISIT A PEDICURE PROFESSIONAL! We stay at the disposal of our guests with an experienced, empathetic specialist.


Nowadays, cosmetic treatment is a natural service for almost everyone, as a result of which the skin is rejuvenated, regains its radiance and freshness, and the treatment itself soothes, relaxes and replenishes. Our guests can choose from a variety of beauty treatments, from facials to eyelashes and eyebrows to firming facials.

For cosmetic treatments we use only products of impeccable quality and modern cosmetic tools.

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